Now available at Bitless and Barefoot the New Double Scawbrig. 

Available with webbing or rope chin straps

Meet the 'MATRIX' - The exciting new multi Functional Bitless Bridle

Currently unavailable. 



Full details can be found on the Bitless shop page 

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A rider since the age of four, Susan has dedicated her life to horses and to the Arabian in particular.

Living on the edge of the Cambrian Mountains in Mid Wales gives her access to some of the most beautiful countryside spending long days exploring new areas

She specializes in reiki and is an advocate for the natural horse, riding her horses bitless and barefoot

I now have a new PA, Mingo who will be helping me with my emails.

Contact Details...     Email:- bitlessandbarefoot@gmail.com


                                       Mob  - 07543 780 790

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