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The Most Popular Terrazzo Tiles in Sydney Australia

The Most Popular Terrazzo Tiles in Sydney Australia

The word ‘terrazzo’ takes its root word from the Latin word, ‘terra’, which refers to the ground. It contains various stone particles of different shapes, brightness, colours and texture for interior and exterior pattern designs. You can apply terrazzo tiles to the floor of homes, hospitals, schools, offices, museums and other public and private places. Mainly, it gives the interior of the building an artisanal and Mediterranean feel.  Click here to know more about terrazzo tiles.

The base material for preparing terrazzo tiles can either be cement or resin. And the method of preparing terrazzo involves pouring the mixture into existing blocks that can be further cut into the desired sizes. The pouring can be by hand, in-situ as well. Meanwhile, the end-user need not prepare his own terrazzo tiles but can easily buy ready-made terrazzo tiles from the market. Following that, you can apply them to the floors, walls, or any such places you desire. 

There are many effective options of terrazzo tiles in Australia, which retains the richness and quality of the Italian collection. This assurance should be your confidence whenever you think of making a choice out of this collection of terrazzo tiles. Let us carefully consider some of the most classic types or categories of terrazzo tiles in Australia.

The Best Terrazzo Tiles in Australia

Innovation Terrazzo Tiles Mixed with Porcelain

This type of terrazzo tiles is made from a process of mixing or embedding natural terrazzo with porcelain. The outcome is a product that is way lighter and thinner than the usual terrazzo tiles outcome. The output product may only be as thin as 11 mm while having fancy mixed colours. Meanwhile, this product can cost about $187 per square metre of the surface. 

Galaxy White Honed HD Terrazzo Tiles

As it stands, the Galaxy white honed HD terrazzo tiles is the only item in Class A of the market in the whole of Australia. More so, this material does not require a method of pre-sealing or a quick setting method with an adhesive. Also, the average price of this set of terrazzo tiles is about $138.60 per square metre. 

Verona Ivory/Blue/Green Vitrified Terrazzo Porcelain Tiles 

The Verona Vitrified Terrazzo Porcelain tiles show elegance, eclectic and versatile design with a susceptible surface. Moreover, it also gets dressed in style for both walls and floors. This Verona collection originated directly from Italy and remains in a class of its own. It contains some Italian porcelain that has already been processed into 10 different colours, including blue, green, ivory and others. Meanwhile, you can get this set of terrazzo tiles at the rate of $104.00 per square metre. 

Elegante Terrazzo Pebble Honed Tiles 

Terrazzo tiles collection in Italian hands is in a class of its own, and the Elegante Terrazzo pebble honed tiles is one of such rare samples. It carries specks of the actual marble that can quickly come to life when it comes under the light. At the same time, the natural marble also enhances the value and the lifetime of the composite output. Meanwhile, the price of this particular set of terrazzo tiles is about $139.95 per square metre.

Terrazzo Grigio Venato Bush Hammered Tiles

The peculiarity of the Terrazzo Grigio Venato Bush Hammered Tiles is first that the base ingredient in concrete. This composite contains embedded sets of recycled marble pieces that produce beautiful output. When professional tilers arrange these terrazzo tiles on the floor of your room, you can obtain a relaxed industrial outlook. This arrangement does not depend on whether the setting is for commercial or domestic use in a residential area. At the same time, this set of terrazzo tiles go for about $99 per square metre.

The RMS Traders Terrazzo Tiles

The RMS Traders Terrazzo Tiles or Pavers have a unique design for not only external surfaces but also internal areas as well. This choice of terrazzo tiles comes straight from Italy with premium quality. A stunning feature of this type of composite product is that it shows off in four unique colours. Moreover, the RMS Traders Terrazzo Tiles price is about $89.00 per square metre and is available all over Australia. 

Di Marmo Terrazzo Porcelain Look Tiles

Using the Do Marmo terrazzo look porcelain tiles, you can enjoy a brand new architectural design that is not common anywhere. The reason is that this item allows the freedom of creativity with the installer while allowing expansion wherever necessary. At the same time, it may also show a high level of continuity since these particular terrazzo look tiles are some of the most sought-after products. Also, it produces the proper selections for all kinds of users. 

Granito – Terrazzo Look Porcelain Tiles

It is time to also discuss one of the most fascinating products in the Terrazzo Look Porcelain Tiles. It is not difficult to connect this product to the Italian antecedent, especially from the name. At the same time, it gets exhilarating when it comes side-by-side with the whole architectural design. This set of terrazzo tiles shows much of the larger thickness and sealing in the modern skyscraper. About the size of the terrazzo tiles, you may prefer a variety that has higher grain or measures. 


In conclusion, the world best terrazzo tiles are practically imported from Italy due to their high quality and durability. When this level of product quality is produced, many other countries would rather imitate them rather than replicate them. Therefore, as we have considered the top classy choice of terrazzo tiles available in Australia, we examine the Italian heritage of the terrazzo tiles. The evidence of the acceptability of this level of quality terrazzo tiles is evident in our Sydney and Melbourne Airports in Australia. It is also highly natural due to its source from natural stones as chips and cast into cement or resin as the foundation. The Tile and Bath Company now offers you a tremendous opportunity to acquire a high level of terrazzo products to enhance the beauty and durability of your buildings. 

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