My TB mare has flat feet prone to cracking & abscesses. A couple of years ago my farrier advised me to stop shoeing her to try to improve her foot health. Her feet improved dramatically but I couldn’t ride her without shoes.

I tried several hoof boots which seemed to fit when I tried them on in the yard but came off when out riding & couldn't be returned once used. I thought hoof boots just weren't for her because of the confirmation of her hooves.

I kept looking for an answer & came across the Equine Fusion Jogging Shoe from Bitless and Barefoot in an on-line forum. Bitless and Barefoot offers a two week trial of the boots so I had nothing to lose. I ordered the fit kit first which was very useful in determining which size boot to order. Ordering was quick & easy & when the boots arrived they looked a better design than others I’d tried but the proof would be in the riding!

Flicka loved them immediately & on our first ride (including a very muddy path) she danced & squealed all the way & the boots stayed on. She felt amazing. I am so happy to have my gorgeous girl back sound, happy & dancing!

I wish I'd found these boots years ago. I cannot recommend them highly enough. Thank you Suze.

Belinda Price.

I was recommended these boots by a good friend who is a eudurance rider.  I wanted to keep my arab mare barefoot but sadly her feet were too soft for the stoney forestry tracks we hack on. I bought these boots, with the help of great advice off the website and off Suze, they are excellent!So light, and a ingenious design, fitted well no rubbing and my mare had a spring in her step out hacking... will recommend to anyone.  Helen.

Hi Susan,

Just to let you know that I will be keeping the Ultimates, I'm very pleased indeed with them. Having gradually increased the time, I rode Monty in them for three hours on one of our very hot days, his heels, being white, looked a little bit pink afterwards but he didn't appear to be sore and was absolutely fine when I rode him in them again the next day.

I drove him out on the road in them this morning for about 90 minutes and he just went really well in them, much less clumpy than either the Cavallos or the Easycare Trails, so I was very pleased. This has always been my goal, to be able to drive him out for several hours and keep him comfortable.

He doesn't need to wear them for every ride, he can manage up to a couple of hours once or twice a week, especially when it's been so dry and his feet are really hard so he should eventually be able to manage barefoot altogether, with any luck this pair will last til then.

I'm very grateful to you for having the chance to try them with the option to return them.

Thank you very much for your excellent service.

Best wishes,


Just wanted to say how pleased we both are with the Ultimates.  Unfortunately we can't ride in them yet(still recovering from laminitic attack and cushings diagnosis back in October), but he is striding out in them for his inhand walk. They are a bit more 'slim line' so he is finding them less bulky for walking in.  And they are definitely quicker to put on!

His performance boots were great too.  I bought them last summer and used them initially for hacking out with great success.  In October he sadly came down with laminitis and after 8 weeks of box rest on a deep shavings bed he was gradually allowed out into a grass free yard with his boots and pads.  Vet was very impressed with the boots and said he reckoned they gave him better support than shoes would.  So we slowly increased his turnout to 12 hours out with his boots and pads and 12 hours in on the shavings. The movement really helped him mentally and physically.  His boots were basically wet all winter and over the last few weeks have started to disintegrate a bit, however I will keep them incase I ever need to poultice his foot again as I have had an abscess to deal with too!  They are an absolutely fantastic therapy boot as well as for hacking.  I managed to cut up EVA gym mats and used them for the pads inside as I was having to change them so frequently.  They worked brilliantly inside the boots. Don't know what I would have done if I had not had them.  Poor Charlie would have had to spend a lot more time stabled.

He is now out in a yard daytime with pea gravel and cement and then in an arena overnight with sand.  I use his boots for inhand walking.  He is having his feet xrayed again in a couple of weeks so hopefully everything inside is looking as good as it is outside.

Many thanks for all your help and such a speedy service.

Alison & Charlie

Black Holes and Other Hoofwall Invasions   Fungal and bacterial infections in horses’ hooves are not limited to the softer frog horn. The inner hoof wall is also very susceptible to infection, and if these insults are not detected and treated in a timely manner they can lead to huge problems. In its later and very visible stages, such infection is commonly (and wrongly) called White Line Disease. Usually large areas of the inner hoof wall have been damaged by that time, and the horse is showing signs of lameness. Fig. 1 shows such a scenario. http://www.heikebean.com/blackhole/blackhole.htm