This page is dedicated to all of you that have `binned the bit`.  For all the horses that no longer have to endure the discomfort and pain of having a metal bit in their mouths.


If you would like to send your pics and a little bit about your equine friends transitional period from bit to bitless and which bitless bridles your horses prefer, I would love to hear from you.  So send a pic and some text and I will add it to this page.  Send to bitlessandbarefoot@gmail.com


I would love you all to meet my herd of Arabians, they are all bitless, barefoot, rugless and live out 24/7 on the Edge of the Cambrian Mountains in Wales. 

Firstly this is my lovely Silver Shahma modelling a paso fino bosal in the apollo material in sky blue with stainless steel fittings. Shahma is 23 now and due to health problems is in retirement.  Shahma is my oldest Arab and has always been a great teacher.

Toskin loves to kiss and play, especially chasing me around the trees. Toskin is 17 now and also in  retirement due to on going health problems.

RIP my beautiful special boy - died age 18.

Toskin showing off his purple sidepull bitless bridle in purple apollo with brass fittings. 

Mingulay, Mingo for short  modelling the Crossover bridle in the BETA material with stainless steel fittings. 

Mingo came to us when he was 6 months old, he is now 13 and a beautiful happy well balanced boy. 


 My lovely Vida loves to dance and play. We do it all at liberty so she can walk away at any time, (She very rarely does!), she will play all day long.  I never use sticks, crops aids of any kind with my horses.

Vida loves to kiss just like Toskin.


Meet my lovely Vida, La Vida Charisma my dancing girl.  Vida is modelling a webbing sidepull in royal blue with matching plaited reins in blue and purple. 

Pictured here is lovely gentle black Manta with a fluffy winter coat modelling a yellow webbing Sidepull with stainless steel fittings. 

Mira,  Highland Mare in her new royal blue beta Matrix

Hello Suze, as promised here’s a photo. We live right beside the beach but it’s been too icy to ride on so the photo is from today’s hack. The bridle fits her perfectly and she’s so happy in it. Glad I went for the blue too. Really happy with it, thank you!



Jonty, Sec A in his new black beta sidepull - Helen Jacks Hewitt.  www.horse-back.co.uk       

Star, Section C in his new webbing sidepull -  Leanne

Hi Suze, thank you for your expert advice and exceptional service. Star’s custom-made sidepull bridle arrived very quickly-all the way to Australia! Star is an 18yo Welsh Sec C gelding; he’s been bitless for quite a few years but I was looking for a very comfortable, padded bridle for him, with no knots as they tend to irritate his very sensitive skin. I’m really happy with his new webbing bridle and it fits him perfectly-thank you Suze for all your help in choosing the style of bridle and material-it is just what I was looking for.



 Carrick in her new webbing sidepull - Victoria - www.harmonyhealingforanimals.co.uk

I bought a made to measure sidevpull bridle. Susan was very helpful with making sure the sizing was right, and the material and fittings and answered all my questions very helpfully. The bridle is gorgeous - so soft and so well made, I was delighted with it before we even tried it. The range of colours to choose from was also impressive and makes life more fun - also great to be more visible. The bridle worked excellently on our first ride and the comfort for my horse was fabulous all the way through the ride and she responded very well to the communication, the noseband is padded and so soft - so no pain. All in all I am extremely pleased I bought it and replaced my previous bridle. I would highly recommend Susan and her bridles. A comfortable and happy horse is a happy me.

Victoria Standen


Patrick & Flint

Flint is 21, we were lucky enough to be given him on loan for the Easter holidays but we love him too much so we’re not giving him back! He is forward going but extremely well behaved so I had no worries about making the transition to a bitless bridle and we haven’t noticed any change at all. Most people I asked said not to change, to keep with what the pony is used to but I kept an open mind, having seen bitless bridles being used in Spain at a German riding school on the beach.  Patrick is 7 and was jumping him yesterday around a course of about 5 jumps in our top field – Flint loved it, and he was just as easy to control and I didn’t need to worry about Patrick jabbing his mouth with a bit while he learns to jump. It also means that various friends and cousins can jump on and I don’t need to worry about novices hurting him. The bridle is smart, well made, light and easy to wash. We love the colour and the strong rings and easy to use fittings. We’ve used Patrick’s normal leather reins so he hasn’t noticed a difference. Patrick can put it on Flint easily which is an added bonus. It was easy to measure up for, to order and Suze was very quick with responses and advice. Thank you – I highly recommend this!

 All the best,


Stacey & Harry

 I am sending you a picture I took this morning of Harry in his lovely bridle.  We went walking and trotting around the school, (in hand) and Harry did very well, I am very proud!

Harry is a ten year old cob x dales gelding who used to be involved in some way with equine assisted therapy. I have been his proud and lucky owner for almost six months.

He used to have a horrible gag bit and I saw him ridden aggressively, whipping, much kicking etc. He is the sweetest thing, and I do not ride at present, but may do in the future. He is very bright and we are doing ground work and trick training and just getting to know each other. 

Donna & Lu 

Hi Suze,

Bridle arrived early this week...its perfect thank you! Fits him lovely! We went for a little in hand walk today for the first time since it arrived and he was a star - very comfortable in it and his usual responsive self! We've been bitless for nearly two years now and would never go back! He's a different horse since we binned the bit! Thank you for such helpful customer service and a BEAUTIFUL new bridle that both me and my boy are very very pleased with.

 Attached some pictures for you! (Excuse the mud and orange stained pony! Winter snuck up on us!)

 Thank you

Donna and Lu!

Cassie & Lucy showing off their new shared Matrix in brown beta.

Hi Suze,

Yeah it arrived a few weeks ago its brill thank you. Ridden Lucy (the grey pony) in it a few times with no problems and fits them both.  Picture of Cassie is the first time she's ever worn any sort of bridle and she was quite happy :-)


Elsie - Green Goddess in her new Matrix

Thanks for sharing your beautiful girl Christine Harling

Phoebie and Pringle in their new sidepull

Thanks for sharing your little cuties Emma Manwearing.

Richard in his new crossover bridle

I just wanted to get in touch to thank you for such a great service, & a fab bridle.

My boy, Richard, is very happy in his crossover bridle.

I get some second looks when we pass other riders & people have asked how on earth I can control him without a bit!

My Response? I can do everything with him that I did before. I have brakes, I have steering, & above all I have a happy pony.

I've attached a picture of him in his flashy new bridle.

Kind regards  Nicola.

Quinto Pure Blood Spanish Stally

This is my boy Quinto in a double Scawbrig from Susan @ bitlessandbarefoot.

Absolutely love these bridles they are  made to measure & fit & look beautiful.

Quinto is a PRE (Pura raza espaniol, pure blood Spanish)  stallion and I was lucky enough to be given him because he was a very difficult & nervous horse who was too much for his owners.

I took him back to basics in order to earn his trust also I took the bit away which he hated & now after hard work from both of us he is a total star with a huge personality that everyone loves.

He has also been barefoot all his life

Bev Smed


Iggy   modelling her new two tone Matrix, with matching Rhythm beads from Dawn Cox at Angel Horse. You can find Dawn on FB and why not visit her website     http://angelhorse.co.uk/


Princess Fiona 

Here`s my precious Princess Fiona modelling her fabulous purple beta sidepull

Amy Bommer


Hi Susan,  Attach photos - sorry the girls were both a little tired but it shows how comfortable the matrix is! We absolutely love The Matrix and so does our die-hard-used-to-a-bit instructor she thinks they are really fab! - They've changed our relationships (which were good before because of all the ground work we did in halters) but somehow the matrix has made our bond with the ponies so much stronger and kinder can't thankyou enough! Ok the ponies tried it on a little bit at first but then something suddenly clicked and now we get no objections from having a bridle on and no objections to schooling even on a lovely day when the grass is good and the sun is out they still are happy to be brought in from the field and ride. It has also made us better riders using our bodies more and making our communications clearer particularly with Pomme she is such a strong pony, some people thought we should get rid of her because she would never have any manners etc and everyone kept telling us to get stronger and stronger bits but we didn't want to go down that line with her and my daughter just had a gut feeling she would be better in a bitless bridle and she is!! she is still strong because that's her nature but she now respects her rider and is being schooled so much more willingly - it's really wonderful ! You know though every time we mention we ride bitless we get the same reaction I used to get years a go when I said I'd had a home birth and that my baby slept in our bed - people try to find every excuse in the world not to do it themselves they tell you how crazy you are , how you are taking risks and how its a nice idea but not practical but all the while they know it's the best thing to do and only end up arguing against themselves!!! Great fun! My daughter is now 15 - a successful homebirth and she's riding bitless - a succesful rider/pony relationship too! People can be so wrong can't they?!

Thanks a million,

Louise, Izzy, Pomme and Penny

Nick and Flora 

Well i have to say i just got in from my first real ride in the new Matrix bridle and it was fantastic. flora was far more willing and responsive and balanced herself up without prompting. I wish i'd got one years ago. Only the flat out gallop was a bit funny as she liked to brace herself against the bit, but then again, fun as it was running her occasionally, it was always uncontrollable and a bit dangerous so i'd say it's by far the best change I've ever made for her. fab

Amelia and Soleil modelling their new Matrix 


Hetty and Tommy in their new Matrix 

Affie in her new Matrix 


Affie and Ange -

Affie modelling her new Matrix - brown - BETA 

 Mable modelling her new Matrix


Mable is a 3 year old Dales filly.I have owned her for 18 months.

Backed and broken her myself, with help from my Mum.

She is a tough cookie! So keen to learn anything new.
Mable has taken really well to being ridden bitless. The Matrix was the perfect buy as I could try the different types of bitless bridle on my pony. I can also change it as and when needed as she matures. The bridle is so lightweight and the material so soft it is perfect for introducing tack to a youngster.

I hope to do pleasure rides in the future and the Matrix will be coming with us!

Mable and Louise

 Mark and  Stormy in his new red Sidepull               www.horsesavvy.co.uk                        Shelley and Stormy long lining 

 Stormy is an 18.2hh fully registered Shire draft horse, turned 8 this year. We got him as a straggley 10 month old from Utoxiter, Yorkshire, full of worms and dark slate gray with white mane and tail. We are generally happy hackers but I like to do dressage and jumping training with my Solly at home where he feels safe. Stormy is being taught driving and harness work and enjoys short hacks just now, my gypsy cob Tara is my main hacking horse and has been our main logging horse over the last few years and Holly is Mark's main hacking horse and is a wonderful Chronic Grass Sickness survivor who is a dream to ride and keeps the herd in order ;


Mark is a website designer (www.designmark.co.uk) and I am a Freelance Natural Horsemanship Instructor (www.horsesavvy.co.uk) living our dream in a very beautiful part of Perthshire, Scotland. We both work from home, Mark in the house in our office with the computers, designing websites, leaflets, business cards and also a partner and running the pretty well known shop MADABOUTJEWELLERY (www.madaboutjewellery.co.uk) and me driving around Scotland giving individual Natural Horsemanship lessons. I help people get better relationships through working on their own  thoughts/energy/body cues with their horses and teach them to ride bitless.  I also teach then new and fun sport of Horse Agility which I and my horse Solly have excelled in the last two years winning quite a few of last years monthly online competitions and just winning their bronze medal for our liberty work through their summer of sport competition over the last two months ;)

Am enjoying riding Stormy now with some better 'feel' to his head whilst riding and it shows that he is understanding our ridden work better now.

Prissy - Arabian Mare in her new Sidepull - Biothane - turquoise. Elinor Schulz U.S.A.

CS Pristine (aka Prissy) is 23 year old and absolutely loves the trail, the more challenging the better! She loves her sidepull and although a very forward horse, is so relaxed and responsive in it! I love it because of the perfect Arabian fit and the fact that when we come to a stream or a pond Prissy has complete freedom to drink and have a few bites of grass. She's such a gay little mare...and I am one happy partner!