How to measure for a bitless bridle 

When sending measurements can you also add breed, size and age of your horse

Shahma is helping us with our measuring, Mingo doesn`t want to be left out.

Measure from corner of mouth - up over poll - to corner of mouth.  

You can measure in inches, mm`s, cm`s.



To measure for the browband 

Measure from behind ear round the front (where browband would sit) and back to behind ear.

 I`ve added these pics below so you can see where the noseband should fit.  Noseband should be fitted above this soft area.

When measuring for the noseband, please measure just below the protruding cheek bones.

Throat Measurement - From base of ear- under jaw - base of ear.


The pics above -  where my fingers are placed either side of the nasal bone indicates the lowest point the noseband should be fitted.

Above this area and below the prominent cheek bone is the most comfortable for your horse.

So when measuring for your bridle please measure just below the prominent cheek bones, this way the bridle will have plenty of adjustment if you so choose to fit it a little lower.

If you need any help just drop me an email bitlessandbarefoot@gmail.com