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Helen Jacks-Hewett is a McTimoney Animal Practitioner and Sports Massage Therapist providing safe and effective treatment for horses and small animals.

Helen is fully trained and insured to use a variety of techniques including:

  • Static assessment and gait evaluation

  • McTimoney animal manipulation

  • Equine sports massage

  • Canine sports massage

  • Stress point therapy

  • Laser therapy

  • Equissage therapy

  • Stretching regimes and rehabilitation programmes

Based between Bristol and Bath, Helen regularly visits clients in Gloucestershire, Somerset and Wiltshire for treatment sessions.

Harmony Healing for Animals offers help and advice on restoring physical and emotional harmony of animals, looking at stresses, nutrition and meridian imbalances and using essential oils which I supply and teach the owner how to offer, giving the animal the choice (self-selection). I love the results the oils bring on so many levels. I can, but do not need to, visit, all I need is lots of information and a photograph.


Hand made, customized rhythm beads made to order to ensure you and your friend has the perfect beads at very reasonable prices

http://www.pet-portrait-painting.co.uk  Jennifer `Artist` Deakin, People, Horse and Pet Portraits. Hand painted on canvas.

http://www.gaiahorsemanship.co.uk/#  Ellen, Bitless bridle instructor, based in Worcester. 

I ride bitless and can offer bitless riding lessons with your own horse as well as offering groundwork help and horsemanship skills.

http://cortijoloslobos.com/  Clive and June Wolfe offer bitless and barefoot riding holidays.  Cortijo los Lobos is an exclusive holiday retreat with heated pool and horse riding set in the beautiful olive groves and pine clad national park area of Andalucia, Southern Spain, just 40 minutes from Granada and Malaga airports. Our breathtaking mountain views and spectacular rural location offers our holiday guests a truly memorable and relaxing holiday. 


 www.centaur-therapies.co.uk   Holly Davis Animal Communictor and dear friend of mine. Holly offers  several services, including animal communication, animal healing, aura readings and video analysis of horses, ridden and in hand, behaviour and psychology. If unsure which would be the most help for your situation please call or email me to discuss your needs.


 http://fairhorsemanship.jimdo.com/  Alize "Fair Horsemanship" is the combination of several horse training methods and beliefs. We do not believe in the efficiency of bits and training aids; they are tools not solutions.A punishment free method which encourages the horse to participate willingingly to our activities and this without the need of any restrictive tools.Our own development is necessary is order to obtain ultimate achievement. We must be humble and eager to learn.


 www.mitchellplainfarm.com George and Marjorie Lager's wild mustang farm located in southern Indiana, near Louisville, Kentucky. Advocates of natural horse keeping and training methods. Read about their efforts to control worms without the use of chemicals (http://www.thehorse.com/ViewArticle.aspx?ID=15735). Farm currently has five mustangs, either adopted through the U.S. Bureau of Land Management, or rescued locally. Web site has some general information about mustangs, plus pics and videos of the mustangs at the farm. Several on-farm projects have also been published on the web site, including the dental care and development of their young mustang filly, the mustang hoof, the natural barefoot trim and the effect of composting on the fate of pathogens and veterinary drug


 www.computermanwales.com  John Radcliffe Super fast mobile computer service and our best buddie. Based in Aberystwyth

www.thehoofistheproof.org.uk Welcome to ‘The Hoof is the Proof’ and my role as a qualified Equine Podiatrist.

Susan`s HoofCare-   email geoandhorse@yahoo.co.uk. 0771 771 9425 -  

I have been teaching owners to trim their own horses and trimming for others for around 8 years.
In the early days I was frustrated by the lack of advice and assistance out there and the fact that one of my horses was lamed by a barefoot trimmer! Following lots of very helpful advice from various trimmers in the USA, including Marjorie Smith (owww.barefoothorse.com) and also the various resources produced by Jaime jackson and Pete Ramey, I commenced trimming my horses myself and have never looked back. I am always learning from the hooves of the horses I trim and the more feedback I get from my clients the more I can refine my trim and obtain the result of the optimum performance for the particular horse.
I have studied various trim methods advocated by a variety of barefoot trimmers including....Strasser, KC La Pierre, Jaime Jackson, Pete Ramey and others. I have also trained with various hoof care professionals from the US and UK, including farriers. I know from dissections of hooves and legs of humanely destroyed horses of the damage that metal shoes do, but how lamenesses can be healed by a natural trim and careful management. This is why I decided to purchase a badly laminitic horse, abscessing on two feet, to find out for myself exactly what a natural trim and natural boarding could do. The following year this same horse took part in her first ever ride with Sport Endurance and I also cantered round training rides - barefoot - on a 'flat-footed' horse that had been declared by the vet to never be sound barefoot.
Barefoot or booted is the way to go. I am also a believer in the bitless approach and gentle horsemanship from the ground. Contact me for hooves and the bitless training approach including Clicker Training and horsemanship for non-horse people. My Hoofcare Practice covers much of the West Midlands including Worcestershire, Warwickshire and the Birmingham conurbation in approximately a 40 mile radius of the M42/M5 junction. Please enquire if you require my assistance outside this radius.

www.angelhorse.co.uk.  Dawn, Hayley  and Maddie  have just set up this beautiful website making and selling Rhythm Beads.  Read more about Maddie (Angel horse) and all the beautiful designs that are available. Also see Angel horse on `Shove the shoe` page of my site.

www.ikkos-equine-sanctuary.weebly.com  - Animal Sanctuary run by Laura and her husband.  They have dedicated their lives to helping animals, and never turn an animal away.

www.pasofinodeloro.fr  Julie is a friend of mine based in France who has fallen in love with the Paso Fino horses.  She rides her horses bitless and barefoot.

http://www.goinghome.org.uk  Gary and his wife Lorraine  run a very small Not For Profit organisation rehabilitating and rehoming horses based here in Mid Wales.   Going Home is a small, "not for profit" yard in Mid Wales where we have a maximum of 7 horses "in rehab". They range from small ponies to huge heavy horses and the thing that they all have in common is that they would not have had a future without Going Home. Some were unhandled, some had behavioural issues, we have a head-shaker, a gorgeous horse with a rare degenerative disease that attacks his connective tissue, and a nervous boy who has had 9 homes in 7 years and who bolts. Our goals are to use the best of natural and traditional horsemanship to give these horses a job to do and then we look for the perfect long term loan home for them. We keep our horses out as much as possible, they're all barefoot and most of them bitless too with bitted horses gradually being transitioned to bitless.

www.bitlessandbarefoot-studio.com This is my dear friend Franco`s site, full of info on the barefoot natural horse.  Franco is a specialist barefoot trimmer in Italy.