This is the place to come and find your dream metal free horse.

If you are needing to re-home your horse please send me pics and as much info as possible so that we can try and match the right horse to the right home.  Or maybe you just want to find a loan home for your friend temporarily, this is the place to share.

Maybe you are looking for your soul horse, so why not send your details of your dream horse to bitlessandbarefoot@gmail.com and see if we can matchmake you with your dream bitless and barefoot horse.



Orion - Welsh Sec D x WB - 6yo

I have been procrastinating about this decision for too long but need to now ensure I am being fair to myself and my horse. Orion is 6 years old welsh D x WB approx 15hh (would need to measure) who has been with me 3 years. He has excellent feet (never been shod) and I have been using clicker training for the past 6 months which he has responded really well to. I am 100% confident with him on the ground but due to various circumstances I have not ridden for a few years and do not feel I have the confidence to progress his riding. I have sat on him no problem but not ridden him out. I have done in hand hacks with him but due to time constraints not as much as I would like. He habituates to things well with patience and time. He is not what I would call a naturally brave horse but is very curious. For an experienced confident and patient person I feel he will be perfect. He had an eye injury as a yearling and the spot can be seen on his eye - my vet has no concerns with this. Teeth (I sedate for due to lack of time to help him work with this) and tetanus jabs up to date. Currently lives on a track with my mare and gelding. He is very sociable and loves to play. I am happy to provide any further information 07913 606689 or ot.is@yahoo.com
BASED EAST DEVON - looking for around £850 homes will be vetted. 

Lexi - ISH/WB.  12 years old 16hh

This is lovely Lexi.  ISH/WB.  12 years old 16hh

 I’m tentatively looking for a kind and experienced home for her.   

 I’ve had lexi for three years. About four months ago, I realised that we were not suited to each other. Lexi is a spirited horse and a dominant mare, I’m an adult novice/learner rider whose stomach tightened every time I was asked to ride her, when asked to trot she would throw in a buck making me even more nervous.   I learnt about ground work and investigated all the possible physical issues that could explain her behaviour, over time I improved my skills and understanding. However, regardless of my will to learn, I am held back by my lack of confidence.

 In Feb 2019 after a McTimoney chiropractic treatment / Telling Touch practitioner visited, I was told that Lexis’s behaviour was due to emotional issues and that she could be restarted.

I love this mare but I feel that she’s too sharp for me so I’m looking for someone who isn’t fazed by a spirited horse.

 I would love Lexi to go to a home that uses natural horsemanship and will provide her with the time she needs to adjust to her new environment and remain barefoot.

I know her full history so please call me if you would like to know more.

 Kim Mob: 07816415616  sjkmorton@btinternet.co

Pixie - Grey Connemara x TB - 1yr 9months.

Free to a kind home. Pixie is a grey Connemara x TB. She's 1 year 9 months and is about 14.2 at the moment, I think she'll make between 15/16h. Her dad was 14.2 but I'm not sure about her mum. She was bred to be a sport horse but I took her on after she was going to be put down as she has a cleft palate. I've had her scoped and the vet said she's doing very well and coping with it. She keeps her weight on fine. She was having hay but the vet recommended keeping her on Haylage to help minimise dust so she lives off that now and is doing very well. She does have a cough when she eats but she copes and it stops when she's not eating. She also has food come out her nose when she eats but she manages fine and it dries up when she stops eating. The vet See's no reason she can't be ridden and worked later on but recommended she has a bit longer without food before work to minimise the possibility of food in her airways. She's very friendly and cheeky and often comes over to say hello when I'm poo picking, she's very curious and I think she'd love to work with someone and learn. She is currently having massages as she fell off the side of a trailer ramp when I first got her and landed funny so she was struggling to canter properly and couldn't buck. She is now feeling a lot better as she frequently gallops around now and has playful rears and bucks when she's excited in the field. She is having another massage in January and probably won't need many more treatments if any as she's almost there. She's very good on the headcollar and will tie up fine and let you groom her and pick out her feet. She moves over when you ask. She's also great to have her feet trimmed. Just occasionally has to be reminded to keep holding them up as she's a youngster and gets a bit bored but she is very good really. I don't think much will faze her when it comes to learning and working later on, she is quite confident but does understand if she's been a bit naughty and you tell her off. Like any baby, she's learning boundaries and what is and isn't ok. She's learning to respect personal space and will move if you ask her. She's getting better when given food too, I can ask her to wait and she will listen. She is a lovely sweet girl and will often stand at the gate when I leave looking for more attention! She lives out and is rugged. I'm in contact with someone else who had a cleft palate horse which I can pass on. She's been in a trailer several times and loads quite well although it might take a little patience while she has a think about it! Really lovely genuine mare who would love some attention and lots of love. Based near tiverton, Devon. If you have any questions please contact Sophie on 07376020051. Many thanks

Katalina Chestnut Arab x - 13.2hh

Free to a kind home. Katalina is a 13.2 Chestnut Arab x. She's 14 years old. She's broken in bitless and has only been ridden in a headcollar. She goes well in it and is very sensitive. She's a nice ride but could do with bringing on a bit and building her confidence as she sometimes gets worried. She hasn't done much except hacking. She was broken aged 9 by me and lived out not handled much before that. Not exactly nervous, she just needs confidence, reassurance and kindness and once you have a bond with her she'll love you and do anything for you. She really means it so as long as you do too and commit to her, and are sympathetic and kind, you'll have an amazing bond. She is very genuine. You just need to work slowly with her. She's only been ridden in a treeless saddle, I found she went better in a suede saddle pad. She's barefoot and goes very well like that. I've had her about 5 years and she's only been lame once with an abscess which cleared quickly. She's a good doer, lives out all year (she's happier living out). I just rug her when it's cold and she gets lots of hay/Haylage which she does really well on. She's happier when she's in a routine and knows what's going on, new things should just be introduced slowly but she's very willing to learn and learns quickly once she understands what you're asking. She's very well mannered, and understands personal space! We have had issues with picking up her feet including with trimming but I have a very patient kind foot trimmer  and she is getting better! She just worries. You just have to be patient and keep asking. It's just something to work on but I think she'll get there. She doesn't like going in a trailer but again if you have the facilities, patience and practice would probably get her over this. She is a genuine lovely mare. If you have any questions, please just ask. She's based near tiverton, Devon. Contact Sophie on 07376020051 if you have any questions. Many thanks


2 Egyptian arabians X welsh sec D barefoot horses for sale

I am looking to re-home 2 horses (mother & son) with much potential. They have been barefoot and handled using natural horsemanship training principles their whole life, despite currently being unbacked, they are handled daily. I had planned on backing them with bitless NH training but our circumstances have changed so my partner and i are seeking a knowledgeable natural horsemanship home. 

They are used to a Jamie Jackson-'paddock paradise' style environment of living out within a large hard-standing corral, with having open access to a large bedded shelter when bad weather hits, plenty of grazing space when the ground is suitable.
Would you be interested or know anyone in the barefoot/natural horsemanship circle of horse folk who would be interested in offering them an active, engaging'forever' home?
Would prefer to home them together and be around other horses.

Price on application, no reasonable offer refused. 

Details and pics/vid below:

Mare 15yrs black 'Guinevere', ArabXWelsh sec D, sire Roscian / dam Ashridge Caroline


14.1hh 145cm.  Terrific personality. Young at heart, kind, slow to trust but when trust is developed she's very willing. Lovely paces. Has been a broodmare her whole life, last foal 2012 (gelding below). Would make a great hacking pony.

Gelding 'Merlin' 6yrs old, 3/4 arab, dapple grey, Sire Ffatal Shadow (Sanadik el Shaklan) Dam (mare above) Guinevere


15.1hh 155cm Exceptional paces, fast learner. Courageous. Would benefit from being backed and being active. 
Both horses stunning, calm yet alert. Used to a high forage low sugar minimum grain diet with minerals. 

Pics and video: 

Kind regards

Bec Piper,

Co Clare. Ireland


from UK: 00 353 838520707

from Ire: 083 8520707

Looking to offer a lifetime loan to a light weight horse between 14-15.5hh 

Looking to offer a lifetime loan to a light weight horse between 14-15.5hh  

 I'm a caring and kind mature horse owner looking to find a horse that can keep me safe when we hack out along the county lanes, so it must be good with tractors and push bikes.

I like to hack out alone and with friends a few times a week. I would like to have regular lessons as away of improving my balance and maybe attend the odd fun ride, or adult camp.

 I’m 5.5, lightweight with soft hands and I’ve been told a good  balanced seat.  I like liberty work, positive reniforments, T.Touch, and the Masterson Method, plus many more.  

I have my own place where I live and keep my rehired mares as naturally as I can on  7 acres of natural hedging and trees. In the spring/summertime  they are on a track system, due to my cobs weight issues and  In the winter months they are in two large fields, My horses always have lovely meadow hay 24/7, with natural salt and mineral licks.

I have converted a  large 8 stable building block into a 24/7 walk in barn so that they can keep cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

 I have an old sand school that they can roll about on and occasionally I do some ground work in.

 My passion is to make sure that the horses emotional and physical needs are met, so they have a lovely vet  who supplies the with polos during treatment, an amazing farrier who looks after their barefoot hoofs, and a list of other therapist that provide treatments for their backs and posture  

I have regular home checks by an equine charity as I loan one of their horses.

I would be happy to provide you with updates, and of course you can visit anytime. 

Happy to accept horses from different areas just as long as they are safe to ride and ideally have no sweet itch.

 I live in the BS35 area Between Bristol & Gloucester

 Kim 07816415616 sjkmorton@lineone.net


Based in Kent, UK. I am looking for a long-term loan or possible sale to the absolute best home for my boy.  He’s 8 years old, 15hh, a criollo x TB bred by the Chamfron Stud in Scotland.  He’s very friendly, and is great to handle on the ground- my 8 year old daughter can lead him. Easy to catch, happy to stand quietly and be groomed, tacked up, good to have feet done, teeth, vet etc. He has great feet and has been barefoot easily for the past 3 years with regular trimming. He lives out all year round, unrugged, in a mixed herd and is good with mares and geldings- he is the boss in our herd of 4. Never sick or sorry- a very hardy little lad. Easy to keep weight on and doesn’t require hard feed (unless doing much more work).

He is a responsive ride, without being sharp, and is very bright and agile. He has a comfy jog to sit to and an onward canter. He could excel in any sphere with the right rider as he learns very quickly.

With me, he potters about and doesn’t get the time he deserves and so is still green. I ride him western as he has some basics and goes nicely on a loose rein and from voice cues. I ride him in a simple side pull- which he goes well in.  He has done some clicker training, which he learned quickly, but he is very food-orientated and despite adjusting treat type, volume, reward-rate etc, I felt he found the training a bit stressful which made it less pleasurable for him. He has since done predominantly -R based training, but only with light pressure, as this is all he needs.

He needs a kind home with a real job for him to do and someone with more time, confidence and expertise to develop him.  Due to my lack of confidence and hacking buddies, we haven’t done much hacking, so he lacks experience.  He’s fine with the traffic I have exposed him to (quieter roads) but can be spooky, especially out hacking alone.  He doesn’t like cows and will need careful exposure to them to allow him to gain confidence with them.

He isn’t a fan of horse trailers, which again is a confidence issue (as much mine as his!). He is better with a lorry, but he will load and has travelled fine once loaded. Again, he would probably be more comfortable travelling with a companion.

He is up to date with teeth, back, feet, worm counts and vaccinations. 

I bought him as my forever horse and have had him for 3 years, but we are not quite the right fit for each other- I don’t have enough for him to do, and he needs a confident and experienced rider to bring him on and benefit from his many talents. He is a sensitive boy and picks up on your nerves or bad mood and is unsettled by this- he needs someone who can manage their own emotions. 

It has been very difficult to reach this decision, as we love him dearly. If we cannot find the right home for him, he will stay here with us, so please no dealers or time wasters. His happiness is my only consideration. I hope I haven’t forgotten anything- please email me if I have. I would prefer for him to go on long term loan, so that we know where he is, but wouldn’t rule out a sale to the right person.  None of the pictures do him justice- he is a very handsome boy! Please emailEmma.manwaring@hotmail.co.uk


Brego is 6yrs old, he is not broken to be ridden. He is a nervous horse that needs an knowledgeable and kind home. He thrives on routine, but everything is scary to him. He is good for the dentist and farrier. He was previously a gypsys horse and was rescued from the slaughter house. He is standard bred and is around 15.1hh. He has beautiful movement and is a good jumper. 



This is my 14.2 Comtois x TB mare Pipilli who will be 13 this year. I have owned her for 5 years and she is my best friend. She has always been barefoot and has never required shoes, despite miles and miles of hacking over varied ground. She is now ridden in a matrix bitless bridle and goes well. I have used a loose ring snaffle before that and she went nicely in that too, but personally prefer bitless. When I first got her she was in a Pelham for jumping/exciting events, however, she has had lots of training with me and this is no longer required. She can get chubby if left on grass with no exercise so I currently restrict her grazing. She never loses condition. She’s currently fed a handful of thunderbrooks chaff with a balancer and ad lib haylage. She has no health issues and is never sick or sorry – her hooves are amazing!!. She’s only been lame once in the 5 years I’ve owned her and that’s because a piece of grit had travelled up inside her hoof. 2 weeks rest and she was brand new. We have competed in dressage & XC in the past and she’s a brilliant jumper, however, I would prefer her to go to a more quiet home. We spent the first 4 years of our partnership practicing Natural Horsemanship training methods, however, in the last year I’ve started using positive reinforcement/click/target training which is suiting us both tremendously. A home that would continue this training would be fantastic. She can get emotional when she’s worried, particularly if left on her own, so a home where she can live out, with a herd, ad lib grazing and basically the most natural life possible would be great. She is happiest living out all year, un-rugged as she develops a wooly coat and does really well. In fact, the latest bout of -10c/bad snow weather we experienced she refused to use her lovely bedded field shelter with haylage in there……preferred to stand in 2 foot of snow with icicles hanging from her :) she is so easy to keep! I am heartbroken at the thought of not seeing her every day and sharing special moments with her, so the best possible home for her is my upmost priority. Believe me if I could afford to ship her to the other side of the world, she would be coming with me!!! I would love to see her progression and know that she’s always safe, therefore, I would like to start with a 1+ year loan with a view to buy in the future. If anyone is interested I can provide more information and answer any questions.

 vmorgan1988@yahoo.co.uk  My mobile number is 07950503639.



A few months ago we bought a miniature Shetland mare from a dealer, as a companion for Pipilli and also as a future pony for my son. We named her Belle and she’s approx 5 years old. She’s recently had her teeth done, vet checked her over and confirmed her age as 4.5 – 5 years old. She has been worm counted and this came back clear. We bought her ‘backed’, however, I feel she needed time to settle and haven’t done much with her except some +R training and getting her calm around food. I think she’s had a pretty rubbish life, with little food and always fighting for her resources as she seems very emotional around food. This is getting better. She’s great with my son and we bought her solely for her temperament. She never nips or barges into my son and is very gentle. I would love her to go to a likeminded home, as with Pipilli, as I don’t feel a home where children are dragging her around/expecting lots from her would be good in my opinion. She would make a fantastic companion. She really is a sweet little pony. Again, I am looking for a loan period of 1+ years with a view to buy after that.

 vmorgan1988@yahoo.co.uk  My mobile number is 07950503639.

Pebbles (has been re-homed)

For sale: Pebbles, very pretty strawberry roan mare,13.2hh,8years old .Welsh x quarter horse x Appaloosa.

We have owned Pebbles for the past 2 years and she is my daughter's first pony. She came from a stables in Cornwall that also breeds quarter horses and we bought her from a woman on a farm who hadn't done much with her.

My daughter has been working with her for the past 2 years training in natural horsemanship with a natural horsemanship instructor.

She is very quick and willing to learn and has made a lot of progress in horsemanship on the ground and in the saddle.

She has been jumping up to 3ft (bitless) in the sand school and will pop over the odd jump out hacking.

My daughter and Pebbles also enjoy doing liberty work together. Will hack out alone or in company.

Rides bitless or in a snaffle and is barefoot.

She is good for farrier,vet,teeth etc and is up to date with vaccinations.

She would not suit a novice rider as can be 'mareish' and needs a 'polite' rider to bring out the best in her. She will not be 'bullied' into doing what you want but responds well to someone experienced in natural horsemanship training.

Would suit small adult or teenager who wants to continue her education using natural horsemanship methods and maybe interested in some jumping.

She is a sweet girl who enjoys attention and has very good stable manners.

She is only for sale as my daughter has VERY sadly outgrown her, so 5 star home only and would like to visit new home and keep in touch. 2 Bridles (one bitless) and 3 rugs included- £1,750 o.v.n.o.

North Devon.

TEL: Michelle – 01769 561264.


I have a lovely six year old bay gelding that im looking to put out on loan.  He is not backed so he is a blank canvas.  I rescued Lucky when he was coming two.  He was bred by travellers and was taken away from his mum when he was a month old as he was born the wrong colour.  He was riddled with worm and was in a terrible condition £2k on vets bills and he now is fit and healthy.  He is full of character and loves to be around people.  He is very palyful and can be rather nippy.  He has a strange gait behind but is not lame so would suit light hacking or would be fantastic for someone that does not wish to ride but do ground work.

Contact Natalie below.





"Polly is for long term loan with a contract, with a view to eventually buy if required.  "Polly  has now been broken in, and is relishing being ridden and doing work. She has potential talent as a jumper or endurance horse but can turn her hoof to anything. She is being ridden both alone and in company, where she has proven to be a tad marish but this is diminishing with work as her confidence increases.  Polly is a 7 year old fleabitten grey Arab x Welsh mare, registered WPCS, standing at about 14.3hh. She is an extremely sensitive and intelligent mare, with a good sense of humour!  I originally took Polly on because her previous owner and breeder, in his eighties, was finding it hard to manage her everyday care especially in winter. When we obtained our own land 3 years ago, she therefore came to stay with us. It has always been the plan to find her a forever home as I simply do not have the time that she deserves, having several other horses already.  Polly requires an owner who is very understanding and can connect with her. Once she trusts you she will do anything that you ask. She is unbroken but leads well in a dually (can be strong without, when excited) and is good having her feet trimmed and being wormed. She has seen the dentist every year since she came to me, and she is fine as long as treatment occurs in bitesized portions, for example a couple of minutes rasping and then if she needs it, a 30 second breather. She had her wolf teeth removed last year. Polly is superb for the vet every time! She seems to know when someone is trying to help her and will also stand stock still for vaccinations (up to date with Flu and Tet). Polly has had McTimony treatment which she loved. She enjoys nothing more than a good groom and a pamper, although is still a bit wary of the hose! I have tacked Polly up in the past, and she has even tried a bit and was in fact fine just standing there, we didn't get as far as using pressure etc. She has a very sensitive belly area and can squeal and kick out if she is feeling particularly marish! She has got me once in the 3 years that I have had her, and I have rugged her up daily etc as required. I think that whoever takes her on would have to be very experienced and aware of how to handle a sensitive horse like Polly.  Saying that, she is the sweetest, most rewarding mare when she wants to be.  We have practiced loading and unloading into a trailer, and she has been on one journey, during which she was very well behaved.  Polly is ok with traffic, she used to live next to a back road which saw log lorries and tractors pass often, and she now lives on our smallholding where she sees tractors, motorbikes, quads. She is a brave mare, and has often surprised me with how relaxed she is about "scary" things, for example we were mooching about together in the yard and she went and stood on a tarpaulin! Polly currently lives in a herd of 5 horses, 2 of which are dominant over her (geldings) and 2 of which are beneath her in the pecking order (1 mare and 1 gelding). She comes in or is rugged up fully during torrential weather as we have no shelter in our mountain fields and she does tend to feel it.  Polly has never been shod and has good hard feet, although we have never been out and about on forestry tracks or rough ground. Polly does well in the summer, putting on weight easily (a little too easily!) but in the winter requires additional hay. She is only ever fed chaff with myself, as required. During the winter months she tends to come in overnight to eat her hay, and is then turned out in the early morning before dawn, which requires me to walk her down the lane for about 5 minutes in complete darkness with a headtorch, during which she is ABSOLUTELY superb! She really looks to me for guidance and listens well.  I am having to re-home Polly as I do not have any time to put into her myself and to give her what she deserves. She would make a cracking endurance horse but would excel at any discipline, being extremely sure footed and with a lovely action. Polly is for either permanent loan, or to be signed over at this stage. She is booked in to be trained in August and due to the cost of this I would probably be looking to sell her rather than sign her over after this point in time, but the price would be negotiable.  I must stress again that she does require a very experienced owner as she is so sensitive. If you would like to chat about Polly or come and spend some time with her then please do get in touch on 07881 225 931. Based in mid-wales LD5.


Sweet, friendly mare with great potential ready to bring on this spring. Appaloosa x Welsh D few spot leopard 14.1 or 2 hh approx rising 6 in June. I have owned Inca since she was 2 ½ and have given her a good, slow start with western/natural horsemanship methods. She has been on quality feed including Suregrow and supplements as I truly planned to keep her forever. She is good with farrier but is not shod. Only travelled twice but was good with that. Lives out rugged. Hacks out in front in rope halter but hasn't been out alone. Very brave, responsive and keen to learn but still green. Lack of time and serious health problems force this very sad sale. She is a poppet - five star home only. £1,600 including 4 rugs, tack by negotiation.

Phone numbers are 01725 517690 or 07787 554508

Rouge (has been re-homed)

Knowledgeable home needed for 14.2hh 5 Year Old Mare for sale or loan (2 years+).

Heartbreaking sale, this is my first and only horse who I love to pieces, I never want to have to sell a horse again!! but I am moving to Canada for at least 2 years and she needs a home.

She has grown from a shy, nervous horse to a confident girl, happy and engaged in training. We have formed a very strong bond, although she can still be skeptical of new people but quickly gets attached and builds trust in those who handle the way I do. Very sweet nature, quick learner, responds well to gentle and kind handling. Voice commands and body signals much more effective than pressure. Incredibly polite at accepting treats (which she gets A LOT of!). Very light to lead, has never kicked or bitten me once.

She has had an alternative upbringing with me (bought 2 years ago), we do lots of positive reinforcement/target/clicker(ish) training, she loves little tricks! Please get in touch if you are interested in carrying on this type of stuff and can give her a home. Like minded home a must (along the lines of the Connection Training principles for example) Needs careful, attentive handling as she will try to take control when she gets worried, I would hate to have such a sweet horse become resentful. Must live with companions.

Has been ridden a few steps bareback and in a headcollar but is otherwise unbacked as yet, currently training trailer loading.

Fully vaccinated, passported and in very good health.

An adorably sweet and beautiful mare who has taught me a lot, she has been a joy to have.

Can hold onto her until March/April but really need a home lined up. Please get in touch for more info, videos and pics.


0750 321 4431 

Angel Dust

Angel Dust 12.1hh welsh section a x cob Chestnut 6 years old Full/part loan to stay at present yard. Borders of north Warwickshire and Staffordshire Much much loved family pony, Dusty is a character and a half. Bitless and barefoot currently ridden in a Christ Lammfelle Iberica plus bareback pad. We have had Dusty since she was little over 4, she has been loved a lot and a little ridden. She would need an experienced loaner as my son doesn’t ride at the moment and too small for myself to hop on. Definitely not a novice pony. She needs someone that can offer her time and patience. She hasn’t been loaded with me, I will be on the yard to help out when ever needed and will practice loading with you if you want to take her on some adventures. We have carried out a little clicker training as she LOVES food! 100% natural horsemanship needed for this little superstar. Nice and fresh with no bad experiences behind her just lots of fun ahead to be had. You’ll find it hard to come away from her without her causing you to smile! I only wish I was a little smaller! Lives out 24/7 in the summer, stabled and out on good nights during the winter, oh and always keeps you company whilst poop picking! Please do not hesitate to contact me if you would like to meet her or have any further questions.





Please, absolutely no time wasters or day dreamers, this boy has been messed around enough as it is.
Located Nr Taunton Somerset
£1500 inc bridle and some rugsEmail: mas36win@btinternet.com     or call Pip on 01984 624651
(pictures with bit in from when he arrived, he is now bitless)

Duke is a 15hh 9 yr old cob gelding.His sire was HOYS winning graded stallion South Hill Duke.He is a stunning example of a cob and moves very nicely and was successfully shown in hand by previous owners. 
Duke has had a very hard time and is looking for a forever loving home with an experienced person to bring him on and give him someone to trust. He was turned away for two years after being traumatized by a trainer when he was backed, then sold as a project. He was then kept at my yard but it didn't work out with the new owner (I am happy to explain why) and so I bought him in order to find him a nice home. 
Duke is a very sweet boy who always tries his best for you. He has great manners on the ground. He is good to trim, clip, catch, turns out with mares and geldings, and he leads nicely off another horse. 
He is a bit worried about being ridden due to the association of bad things happening but has improved massively in the couple of weeks I have had him. He is great in the heaviest of traffic, seen tractors, combines, fire engines etc, doesn't bat an eyelid even with other horses being silly. Perfect gent out alone and in company. We have ridden him out and he is great in walk and trot, nice and responsive, goes off voice, ridden in a halter or a sidepull. 
He was terrified of cantering under saddle, and did bronk quite badly the first time we asked. He looked absolutely petrified, so we have worked on this and he has now cantered a few times with a rider on and is improving every time, but will buck a bit until he realizes he isn't getting hit or kicked. I don't think this will be an issue once he has got over the initial fear, but for that reason he does need a experienced and confident rider. He did rear with previous owner but he was pushed too far in ill fitting tack and a sore back and he only did it the once out of desperation more than anything. I have been as honest as possible writing this ad, any further questions please ask. I just want this boy to find his loving home.


This is Mouse, 13.2hh unregistered (new forest type) pony. 17 yrs old. Barefoot all her life (apart from two sets of shoes). Bitless the last four months and doing very well.

Kind genuine pony, good traffic, catch, trim, load, goes out alone or in a group easily. Up to date vaccinations and worming. Very safe but speedy and can be strong needs confident child, light adult. Very loving mare. Good all rounder, has a go at anything. Rides English and Western. For loan possible sale in the future. Able to stay at current place in Exmouth (Devon) if required.  Please call Cathy on 07721688362 or emailcathy.hodnett@btinternet.com 

Maggie May 

Maggie May

Will consider long term full or permanent loan, possibly lwvtb or sale.

Maggie is a 14.2hh 5yo traditional cob mare. She has been backed & lightly hacked then had around a year off.

She has hacked alone & in company, and has seen traffic & had no problems

She is good to catch, groom, tack up, have feet trimmed, with dentist.

Currently lives out unrugged 24/7 but will happily go in the stable overnight. I have never had her in a horsebox but i cant see it being a problem.

Although she is well behaved she is only young & needs bringing on so she's not suitable for a novice. She can be a little bolshy on the ground but this will improve with more handling (she hasn't had much done with her in the past year due to pregnancy & then new baby).

Maggie needs a field with good strong fencing or electric fence as she has a tendency to try to push it to knock it over so she can escape! My old post & wire fencing has no chance!

I am looking for a new home for Maggie as she is wasted with me, she needs someone who can spend time with her & bring her on.

Please email manda.j@hotmail.co.uk if you can give Maggie the wonderful home she deserves :)

Leeds, West Yorkshire