Plaited Webbing Reins. 

These reins are plaited in three blues, light, royal and navy.  The material is webbing and clips to bridle are brass in the pic.

We have loads of different colours, so choose which colours you want, mix and match and have some lovely unique reins to go with your lovely bitless bridle.

You also have a choice of stainless steel fittings

Any combination can be made up at no extra cost.

Price £38.50

 email me   bitlessandbarefoot@gmail.com

Half Grip Webbing Reins

These reins are made of polypropylene (webbing) As you can see from the pic they have grip on the underside.

Choice of brass trigger clips or stainless steel scissor clips.

16mm - £17.95

19mm - £19.50

Half Grip beta/biothane Reins. 

These reins are made in the Beta (matt) or Biothane (shiny) material, which is supple and hard wearing.  Easy to clean, just wipe down.

You have a choice of brass trigger clips or stainless steel scissor clips

16mm - £19.95

19mm - £21.50