This is a video of my little Vida (La Vida Charismma)  and me, playing and dancing around the fields when I should be working (poo picking)  But Vida has other ideas as usual.  Oh and a little cameo role from my lovely Shahma at the end who didn`t want to miss out on the filming.

 Vida (La vida Charismma) and me having a stroll across the open hills.  For me it`s not just about the riding but the great friendship we can have with our horses without any gadgets or enclosures.

A little video of Vida (La Vida Charismma) and myself after a lovely ride across the hills on our way back home.  I always let Vida go for a graze in the hedgerows, she particularly loves blackberries and comes home with a purple nose and tongue.

 My Arabian herd and Joni Sixpence of course.

Shahma, Vida, Mingo, Vangellis and Shah.